Doug Belshaw

Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkering

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I call myself an 'Open Educational Thinkerer' which I use as a kind of shorthand for working and thinking at the intersection of education, technology, and productivity.

Right now I'm a consultant and spend my time helping people like you and organisations such as yours think through digital literacies, Open Badges, and to improve internal communication and workflows.

I'm based in the North-East of England, from where I work on a global scale and travel extensively. I began doing so when I became Badges & Skills Lead for the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. I then became Web Literacy Lead, working with the community on versions of the Web Literacy Map. This underpins most of the Foundation's work, including Webmaker. I saw it as a logical extension of my doctoral thesis.

Mozilla asked me to work for them while I was working in Higher Education for Jisc on mobile learning, Open Educational Resources, and digital literacies. Prior to that, from 2004 to 2010 I was a teacher and senior leader in schools, most recently Director of E-Learning at the largest all-age, multi-site academy in England.

I'm known for my analytical mind, ability to explain difficult concepts in a clear and straighforward way, infectious enthusiasm, collaborative spirit, open ways of working, and evangelism of missions, tools, and processes that I believe in. My guiding principle, which I've extended to my work through Dynamic Skillset, is to work with awesome people who are doing things to make the world a better place.

If what I'm doing sounds like something that interests you, why not get in touch?

P.S. If you're looking for a list of places I write, here you go: